How to set the default working hours?

  1. Login to Panaya
  2. Use the Menu button to open up a Project
  3. Click on the Reports tab
  4. In the Miscellaneous section, select Manage Effort Factors 

The Manage Effort Factors feature is available for all SAP Impact Analysis projects -

  • S/4Convert 
  • S/4Accelerate

This view allows a Project Manager to define the default working hours for various code correction activities and activity types, including Issues.
The efforts can be determined for Simple, Medium, and Complex activities.
Corrections that include Issues are calculated by their effort.

The table presents the amount of work allocated for all activities in the project plan.

  • You can select to configure Corrections or Unit Tests default working efforts.
  • You can configure the efforts one by one by setting the number of hours per activity type and complexity level.
  • You can choose to omit activities from the project plan by setting the value to 0 in the relevant table cell.
  • Click the Recalculate Selected Values to save the effort factors of the checked activity types and apply them to the project activities.

To learn more about how Panaya determines Complexity, click here.