What are the prerequisites for a Unicode Impact Analysis?

Panaya will generate the Unicode related activities only after the Unicode upgrade has been completed and the following steps performed on your system. 
In most cases, the sandbox system is upgraded to Unicode for analysis, before the beginning of the project.
The following steps are needed for the activation of Unicode check - 
  1. Use transaction UCCHECK to activate a Unicode analysis for all programs
  2. Then, perform the following steps -
    • Feed range Object Name with values Z* Y* and /*
    • Change the parameter Maximum Number of Programs to 1000000
    • Leave all other parameters with default values and hit the execute button (The report should take a while to run)
    • In the resulting report, press the Select all button in the upper left corner of the ALV list
    • Press the Set Unicode Attribute button at the top right corner of the list
    • When prompted Set Unicode Flag?, select Yes
    • When prompted Set Flag for Error-Free Programs Only?, select No
    • When prompted for a transport request, create a new transport request to contain the programs
    • When prompted Put All Objects Without Confirmation in Request XXX?,Select Yes
    • Re-extract the custom code and upload to Panaya

The Panaya analysis will then provide a more accurate analysis that will include any syntax errors and/or obsolete function activities.