What objects and file types are covered by Panaya for Patch Analysis?

This information is relevant for both Patches Projects and Release Dynamix Risk and Impact Analysis
Patch File Types Covered
  • PLS Oracle Stored procedure files 
  • DRV Main patch file 
  • SQL Oracle Stored procedure files 
  • FMB OA Form 
  • RDF OA reports
  • PLL Form Libraries 
  • PKH Packages Headers 
  • PKB Packages Headers 
  • C/C++ Code ( Objects )
  • HC/C++ Code ( Header )
  • XML OA Framework Files 
  • XML OA Data Definition
  • RTF OA Template
  • CLASS OA Framework Files
  • LDT Loader Data Files
Object Types Covered
  • Alerts
  • Concurrent Programs
  • Concurrent Reports
  • Concurrent Spawned
  • Discoverer Reports – including folders, functions, documents
  • Fast Formulas
  • Forms -> *.fmb files, custom.pll, personalizations
  • Framework -> *.xml is covered.  *.class is covered
  • Functions
  • Packages
  • Procedures
  • Profile options
  • Reports -> *.rdf files.  We analyze all of the RDF including the data model queries and the PLSQL triggers that exist in the reports
  • Shell Scripts-> *.sh files, *.prog files
  • SQL Scripts -> *.sql files
  • Triggers
  • Value Sets
  • Views & Materialized Views
  • Workflows
  • XML Publisher
  • BI / XML Publisher
  • ADF
For FMB, RDF, PLL, and all host scripts:
  • The source code file location is critical
  • Panaya only analyzes these code objects when they are registered correctly in the Apps Developer, and the source code appears in the custom TOP folder for the registered custom application module. 
  • Panaya does not analyze unregistered custom objects for these object types.
  • Panaya does not analyze custom objects if they appear in folder other than the custom TOP folder designated in the Apps Developer registration
Object Types Not Covered
  • Concurrent Java Programs
  • Binary compiled files
  • Custom synonyms on standard objects
  • Dynamic SQL
  • Functional Setups
  • Menus
  • Quality module (SQL appearing in Quality forms)
  • Self-service personalizations
  • Fusion
  • SoA
  • BPEL