How to fill out the S/4HANA required fields for the Panaya code extractor program?

If you are converting to S/4HANA, additional fields are required in the Panaya code extractor program.

Are you extracting for S/4Assess?
For the HANA Sizing Results (.txt) - Use the .txt file exported in a previous step, then click Upload.

Cannot see this option? If you are extracting for S/4Assess, contact Panaya Support to enable this option

  • For the Simplification Item Checks (SI) -
    • Type - PANAYA_SI for the RFC Destination. SAP recommends using client 000 when running SI checks, so the PANAYA_SI RFC should be configured to use client 000. Using this client results in reporting all errors for all other clients
    • If you have previously extracted & uploaded your Simplification Check Data, you can select to re-use the results by checking Use previous SImplication Check Data

  • For the ABAP Test Cockpit (ATC) -
    1. Fill in the RFC Destination as defined in a previous step
    2. Click on the Choose button
    3. Panaya will retrieve the ATC results in a list. Select the relevant result. 

      For Cloud ATC Results -  
      Select Choose from a file (SAP Fiori App CustomCode Migration format) and upload your Cloud ATC Results

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