How to setup Panaya for SAP S/4HANA?

Panaya's solution requires an ABAP program installation on your SAP systems. This program performs the following high-level activities - 

This program performs the following high-level activities -

  • Extraction of custom-developed ABAP code.
  • Identification and extraction of used transactions - finding out which transactions are used in your production system.
  • Extraction of defined systems in Solution Manager (Optional)
    To exclude Solution Manager data, you will need to manually configure the extractor.


Before starting the installation process, make sure you have the following privileges:

  1. Access to your SAP Development, QA and Production system
  2. User with development permissions to:
    a. Display, create and execute ABAP programs
    b. Running jobs
    We recommend selecting a user with SAP_ALL or a similar strong BASIS user authorizations
  3. A Panaya username and password
  4. Internet Explorer browser versions 9 and above, Google Chrome 15 and above, or Firefox 16 and above.
  5. If migrating to HANA, please follow these instructions before you continue with this process

Execute the following steps to complete the process - 

Here is a diagram that will help you better understand the recommended order of installation phases

Step A - Install the Simplification Item Report 
Follow this article on how to install the Simplification Item (SI) Report

Step B - Migrate the ABAP Test Cockpit for Custom code
Follow this article on how to migrate the ABAP Test Cockpit for Custom code

Step C - Configure & Execute the ABAP Test Cockpit 
To perform a successful custom code extraction for your SAP S/4HANA Conversion, the ATC Run results from the Central Check System must be provided. An initial Run should be executed before using the Panaya Custom Code extraction program.
Follow this article on how to configure & execute the ABAP Test Cockpit on-premise

Step D - Migrate to HANA 2.0
In case your conversion includes HANA 2.0 Migration, follow the steps below to extract the impact - 

How to run HANA SAP Code Inspector?

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Step E - Hana Sizing Report Installation & Execution *
Follow this article on how to install & execute the Hana Sizing Report

* Hana Sizing Report is only relevant for Panaya's S/4Assess solution

Step F - Define RFC Connections

In this step, you will define RFC connections for Production, SI, ATC, Solution Manager (Optional) & BW (Optional) systems.

Follow these instructions on how to define RFC connections

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Authorizations required for the code extraction RFC user

Step G - Extract & Upload your Custom Code
Follow our Custom Code Extract & Upload setup guide