Panaya's New Navigation for 2019

We are excited to introduce Panaya's new navigation for 2019. Our team has worked hard to provide a better, more intuitive navigation for all types of users.

Here are the highlights of this upcoming change - 

  • All Projects & Systems are in one place

    Click the new Menu button  to display recent Projects, most relevant Releases
    as well as Systems and the Release Dynamix Portfolio. Just click to drill down to details.

  • Permission Based Menu Display - The new menu will only display relevant items
  • Contextual Sub Menus for each type of activity
    Once within a Project, you can toggle between all Project activities

  • All your System Analysis related views are a one click away
    Click on a System name to view the System Snapshot, Fitness State, Satellite Systems and more

  • Click on All Releases to view the Projects & Releases View

  • Click the Settings button  to open up the New Settings Panel

And also - 

  • Login and Continue
    Upon login, you will always be redirected to where you left Panaya
  • Brand new All Systems view - Use the new Menu button to display to All Systems
  • New Project Search button - At the top left corner of the screen

We moved things just a little bit, here is a list of the new menu content - 

  • Menu button > Select Project > Overview Tab > Risk Cockpit*Project Dashboard, Changed Content, Satellite Overview, Project Details*
  • Menu button > Select Project > Tests Tab > Tests Tree, All Tests (List View), Playlist Execution, Test Box
  • Menu button > Select Project > Defects Tab > Defects (Defects list), System Wide Defects
  • Menu button > Select Project > Corrections Tab > Correction Plan, Corrections, Automatic Corrections
  • Menu button > Select Release > Overview Tab > Risk Cockpit*, Release Overview*, Release Details*
  • Settings Button > Configuration, Code Box, Users (User Management), Roles & Permissions
  • Menu button > Select System
    System Snapshot, System Fitness State, Satellite Systems, Tests Assets, Change Stream

*For Release Dynamix Subscription Only