How to broadcast a message?

You will find the new button in the Development, Requirement, Test, Defect and Correction lists. 

  • Add a broadcast message to multiple activities 
  • Initiate an email notification to owners
  • Broadcast messages will appear as comments 
  • Use @ to mention specific users 

In order to be able to Broadcast messages, users should be assigned with the Mass Edit permission for the specific activity type (Requirements, Tests, Defects or Corrections

To broadcast a message

  1. Select one or more activities from the list
  2. Click on the Broadcast button
  3. Type the message. You can use @ to mention specific users
  4. Click on Broadcast
    Your message will be saved as a comment for each of the selected activities

Good to Know!

  • The Broadcast message will Initiate an email notification to owners as well as any additional users specifically mentioned (using @)

In order for users to be able to receive email notifications from Panaya, verify that the "Notify on activity assignments" option is selected in the user profile.