ForeSight extension for Google Chrome

Use Panaya's ForeSight Chrome or Edge Extension to be able to Launch ForeSight directly from within Salesforce.


Note: If you have an older version of  Panaya's ForeSight Extension it is advisable to uninstall it before installing the new extension

 Good to Know!
  • In case of a Sandbox refresh, a new extraction is required in order to access the metadata of the newly refreshed Sandbox Org
  • Supports only Lightning experience
  • If working in Salesforce Classic, right click an object and select “Discover with Panaya


Step 1 - Install the ForeSight chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store

  1. Download and install our Google Chrome / Microsoft Edge Extension 
  2. Click Add to Chrome in order to install it on your browser 
  3. Pin the extension to the browser’s action bar. Do so by opening the extension’s menu and clicking on the pin icon next to Panaya ForeSight extension 


Step 2 - Configure the extension to access your specific Sandbox org data

  1. Login to your ForeSight account and select an active project


2. On your browser’s action bar, right-click on Panaya ForeSight to open its context menu and click Options 

3. On the extension’s options pop-up window, select Panaya Site ( or, based on your standard login URL) and the Project ID (located in the address bar)

4. Click Save

Step 3 - Use the Panaya ForeSight extension

  1. Navigate to the Object Manager in Salesforce Setup area
  2. Hover over a component and click on the Analyze button (1)
  3. A side panel (2) will open, showing an overview of the analysis, including the number of impacted components (3) and if those are Direct or Indirect impact (4). Clicking on the "View in Panaya" button (5) on the side panel will open the analysis in ForeSight when you can see more details