How to identify Potential Technical Debt for Fields

This feature will help you identify Salesforce Fields that are potentially serving as technical debt within your Org.

  1. From any project, click on the Overview tab and Potential Technical Debt.


  1. A list of fields with related Technical Debt indicators is displayed. The # of Indicators column shows how many indicators were identified, and Directly Impacted Components shows the number of components on which the Field directly impacts.


The Technical Debt Indicators include:

  • Name Hints Deprecation

    • A Field that its name includes the words ‘OLD’/‘TEMP’/'TMP' (or similar variations)in it

  • Contains Potentially Deprecated Field

    • A Formula Field that includes a field with the word ‘OLD’/‘TEMP’/'TMP' (or similar variations) in it

  • Not in Page Layouts or Key Components

    • A Field that is not used by any of the following key component types:

  • Page Layout
  • Mini Page Layout
  • Lightning Page (FlexiPage)
  • Flow
  • Process Builder
  • Workflow Field Update
  • Workflow Email Alert
  • Workflow Outbound Message
  • Workflow Rule
  • Workflow Task
  • Assignment Rule
  • WebLink (Button)
  • Email Template
  • Lightning Web Component/p>
  • Quick Action
  • Similar Field Name Exists - A Field with a name that is very similar to others based on:

    • The same name with an underscore as suffix/prefix

    • The same name with an additional number

    • The same name with variations of uppercase/lowercase

  • Last Modified > 2 years

    • A Field that was not modified in the last 2 years

  1. Select one or more components and –
  • Click on Scope & Analyze to see the Impact Analysis for those components.
  • Click on View in Salesforce to login to your Salesforce org and see the metadata definition for the component.
  • You can also Export the list to Excel.

  1. All the columns can be filtered on and you can create Custom Views to save the grid layout.


Good to Know:

You can also access this view from the Potential Technical Debt Components widget in the Org Overview Dashboard