Searching for a Text/String Within Your Salesforce Org

This ForeSight feature is currently in beta
Contact Panaya Support to enable this feature


Click here to see the Components supported for searching text

To locate and review the locations where a specific text/string appears - 

  1. Click on the New Analysis button
  2. Select the Search For Text option
  3. Type any text such as user name, email, or error messages and click on Search
    Click here for the list of supported Components
  4. Results are grouped by Component Type.
  5. You can select one or more Components, and -

Use the Expand and Collapse All button to view the grouping by Component Type


The following components are supported for searching texts

  • Apex Class
  • Apex Test Class
  • Apex Trigger
  • Approval Process
  • Assignment Rule (including Assignment Rule Entry)
  • Aura Component App
  • Aura Component (Aura Bundle)
  • Connected App
  • Custom Label
  • Custom Metadata Record (including Custom Metadata Record Field)
  • Custom Metadata Type
  • Custom Metadata Type Field
  • Custom Setting
  • Custom Setting Field
  • Dashboard
  • Email Template
  • Field (including Picklist Field)
  • Field Set
  • Flow
  • Global Value Set (including Global Value Set Value)
  • Lightning Page
  • Lightning Web Component
  • Object
  • Process Builder
  • Record Type
  • Report
  • Static Resource
  • Validation Rule
  • Visualforce Component
  • Visualforce Page
  • Web Link
  • Workflow Email Alert
  • Workflow Field Update
  • Workflow Outbound Message
  • Workflow Rule
  • Workflow Task

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