How to install the Panaya ForeSight Jira Plugin?

  1. As a JIRA Administrator go to Settings Apps > Manage your apps
  2. Click on Find new apps and enter a keyword like ‘Panaya’ or ‘Foresight’ to search the Marketplace and click on the ForeSight plugin download link.
  3. Click on Get app on the plugin page and Get it Now to download the app.

  4. On the Success screen, click on Configure to get to the Configuration page.

    Alternatively, click on Manage apps to find Panaya ForeSight for JIRA under User-installed apps and click on Configure.
  5. Enter the Configuration Credentials and click Save.

    • API User: A Panaya user with a role that includes the API user permission. Recommended to use a separate dedicated Panaya user, but an existing Panaya user can also be assigned.

    • Token: Review the article How to create your token in order to generate it, and copy-paste it into the box

    • ForeSight Project ID: Identify a dedicated project in ForeSight for the integration. Enter the Project id, which can be found in the URL when logged into the project right after “rdx/tm”

    • Region: The Region where your Panaya account is, i.e. if you login using it is US, if you login using it is EMEA


  6. Create a JIRA issue and click on the Panaya ForeSight plugin link, currently in status NOT ANALYZED
  7. Click on Create Analysis to launch ForeSight


The result

A new Analysis is created in the dedicated ForeSight project, with a default name format of <JIRA Issue title> - <Date> - <Created in JIRA> and a Description in the General tab indicating the analysis came from the JIRA issue.

After creating an Impact Analysis activity, you can review and update the related analysis in ForeSight from the JIRA issue anytime by clicking on View Analysis. You can also see summary highlights for Directly Impacted Components and Directly Impacted and Reviewed Components.

The two summary items can be exposed as custom fields in the JIRA issue for searching and gating.

Click on Delete Analysis to remove the Analysis from ForeSight and disconnect the JIRA issue from the Analysis. The plugin returns to its original state as in the beginning of Step 7.