More about Lightning Web Components support (LWC)

Our ForeSight analytics supports Lightning Web Components (LWC) analysis. Add a Lightning Web Component as a Scoped Item and analyze the potential impact of your planned change.
Lightning Web Components is a new programming model for building Lightning components. LWC uses core Web Components standards and is built on code that runs natively in browsers, allowing it to be lightweight and deliver exceptional performance. Most of the code is standard JavaScript and HTML.

How are Lightning Web Components supported?

  1. Components that Impact LWC
    When selecting one of the following components as a Scoped Item, the Impact Analysis results will show relations to the LWC -
    Apex · Objects · Fields · Custom Labels · Static Resources · Visualforce Page · Lightning Page (FlexiPage) · Visualforce Page · Aura Component ·
    Lightning Web Component
    Relation from an LWC to another LWC, is supported when used via HTML,
    These realtions are not supported when used via JavaScript 
  2. Components Impacted by LWC
    When selecting an LWC as a Scoped Item, the Impact Analysis results will show relations to the following components - 
  • Lightning Pages (FlexiPage) -
    • lightning__AppPage
    • lightning__HomePage
    • lightning__RecordPage
  • Flow (lightning__FlowScreen)
  • Aura Component
    Relations from an Aura Component to LWC are supported. As in Salesforce, it is possible to embed an LWC from an Aura Component.


Good to Know!

  • Dynamic references are not currently supported.
    In static relations the name of the entity is directly declared (via Import, for example), compared to dynamic relations - where there is only a reference to the entity (for example: use of method getSObjectValue).
  • Relations from an LWC to another LWC are supported when used via HTML. In these cases, JavaScript is not supported.