How to create a new Impact Analysis for a Salesforce component?

To define components for an ad-hoc analysis -  

  1. Click on the Menu button and select a Project 
  2. Click on the New Analysis button
  3. Click on Search & Analyze

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  4. The Add & Analyze dialog box will appear
    Type the name of the component you wish to analyze, then hit Enter or click on the Search button 
    Click here if you wish to search by text strings within your org
    • You can use % to get results that contain your text in addition to exact matches. 
    • You can use the Type filter to select from various components types.
  5. Now, select the components from the list of results, and click on Add & Analyze or Add.  Note: Components can be selected from multiple pages in the results list and will be aggregated in the Total Items Selected area, from which they can be deselected as well.


  1. Save the Analysis


  1. Fill in the mandatory fields and click on Save & View or Save & New.

Upon saving, your analysis will be given an Analysis ID.


Learn how to create a new Feature / Analysis in your Workspace

To define the scope for an existing Feature / Analysis - 

  1. Select the Workspace tab
  2. Select the Feature from the list
    Click here to learn how to sort, filter and group items in your Workspace
  3. Select the Impact Analysis tab.
    In the Scope section, click on Add Scope Item to search and select components for analysis and proceed as described in step 4 in the section above.

    Alternatively, you can use a Package XML file to Import Scope Items
    Learn more about Package XML