"Discover with Panaya" on Salesforce Classic

Use Panaya's ForeSight Chrome or Edge Extension to be able to Launch ForeSight directly from within Salesforce. 

Good to Know!
  • If you have an older version of Panaya's ForeSight Extension it is advisable to uninstall it before installing the new extension

Download and install our Google Chrome / Microsoft Edge Extension 

Then simply highlight and right-click on any component in Salesforce to seamlessly analyze impact and risk. 

To Discover with Panaya Foresight - 

  1. From your Salesforce Org, highlight any component
  2. Right-click and select Discover with Panaya
  3. Panaya will open up in a new tab and will dispaly a list of all related components.
    Select the components you wish to analyze and click on Add & Analyze
  4. The analysis results will then appear in either Graph or List view

  5. Save your Analysis
  6. Fill in the mandatory fields and click on Save & View or Save & New.
    Upon saving, your analysis will be given an Analysis ID.



To add items to your analysis -

  • In Graph View
    on a Component to Add scope item

  • In List view
    Click on Add scope item




Good to Know!
Your Discover analysis is not associated with Projects / Requirements / Features.
Click here to learn how to analyze risk for Requirements and/or Features including enhanced features such as test coverage analysis and more

Can I access without the extension?
Yes. From within Panaya, use the Menu button to select a System

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