How to setup Salesforce authentication with Panaya?

To configure Panaya ForeSight for Salesforce to work with your SFDC Organizations - 

  1. Click on the Setting button to open up the Configuration page
  2. In the Salesforce section select to Manage Authentication
  3. Verify that pop-ups are enabled on your browser
  4. This is where you can manage your Sandbox and Production Organizations -

    For the Sandbox Organizations
    Type the relevant SFDC login URL and click on Authenticate

    For the Production Organization
    Select the type of information you wish to collect. Then, type the relevant SFDC login URL and click on Authenticate.

  5. In the SFDC pop-up, fill in the username and password. The user used here should be assigned with the following privileges.


Good to Know!
Use the Schedule Automation section to define automatic code extraction on selected days. The extraction will be uploaded to Panaya during off hours defined by your Panaya Customer Success Manager.