How to read the Actionable Insights widget?

The Actionable Insights widget is available for your S/4HANA project. 
Use this widget to learn about ways to reduce efforts, remove bottlenecks, maintain activity assignments, and much more.
Click on an Insight to drill down to the list of activities.

In addition, the following Risk Mitigation insights may appear - 

  • Features / Requirements with High Priority and High Impact Risk
    To learn more, use the Requirement List for this Project for a full report with drill down capabilities
    The report includes the Business Priority, IT Priority and Risk Impact columns.
  • Features / Requirements with higher actual testing efforts than estimated
    To view or change this information per Requirement, use the Requirement Test Plan tab
  • Features / Requirements with actual Development efforts higher than estimated
    To view or change this information per Requirement, use the Development tab
  • Conflicts between Features in this project
    Displays Features within this project that might be impacted by a common entry point.
    You can view the Entry Points associated with each Requirement by selecting the Risk Analysis tab per Requirement.
  • Tests not mapped to Features / Requirements
    To fix this, define a Test Plan for these Requirements
  • Features / Requirements with High Priority and Open Defects
    Panaya analyzes the number of Critical and High priority Defects within this Project.
    The number of Critical and High priority Defects is then compared with the total number of Requirements in this Project, to calculate risk.
    Good to Know!
    A Defect can be associated with more than one Requirement