The Project Dashboards and Widgets

Create and share fully customizable dashboards for your Panaya project activities. Use a variety of new widgets to define the information to display.
Watch this short video to see it in action.

From within a Project - 

  1. Hover over the Overview tab and select Dashboard
  2. To create a new Dashboard click on Create Dashboard


    Select a Dashboard from the list of existing Dashboards

    To learn more about our S/4HANA Cockpit Dashboard, click here

The Dashboard can include multiple customizable Widgets

What are Widgets?
Widgets are the basic building blocks of a dashboard and display up-to-date data according to their functionality and setup. Use Widgets to display information in an appealing and concise way, like pie charts, big numbers, etc.

To add a Widget - 

  1. Click on Add Widget
  2. Select a Widget from the gallery and click on Add. Then click on the Widget to configure
  3. Upon completion, click on the Dashboard name to open up the Dashboards Menu and Save your changes
    This is also where you can Share, Rename or Delete your Dashboard


The following Widgets are available - 

  • Field Calculation
    Displays a calculation (Sum, Average, Min, Max) of a numerical field from items (Tests, Defects, Corrections or Requirements) in a list view
    Learn how to configure this widget


  • Use multiple instances of the same Widget in your dashboard,  for different purposes
  • When configuring a widget, select the data first, to automatically generate a widget title


Here are some Dashboard examples by roles (click to enlarge) - 

  • Test Manager Dashboard
  • Tester Dashboard

  • Development manager dashboard

Good to Know!

  • Dashboards are defined per project
  • Each project user can create up to 30 Dashboards in a project
  • A single Dashboard can contain up to 30 Widgets
  • Widget titles are limited to 50 characters 

To learn more about our S/4HANA Cockpit Dashboard, click here