Authorizations required for User Organizational Assignment Data

Panaya can display specific user details in various reports.
In order for Panaya to retrieve this information, the following authorizations are required as described below.

By default, usernames (1) will be encrypted when displayed. If you wish actual usernames (1) to appear, these authorization are required  -  

Object S_TOOLS_EXU (Tools Performance Monitor):
If you wish to display all other user details (2) (3) (4) (5) (6), add the following authorizations - 
Object S_TABU_DIS (Table Maintenance via standard tools such as SM30), note that these authorizations are required for additional user data only (Organization unit, City, Country):
  • DICBERCLS (Authorization Group) =  ‘FC’, ‘PS’, PA 
  • ACTVT (Activity) = ‘3’