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How to define Roles & Permissions?

Panaya's Roles & Permissions console allows you to select predefined roles (Tester, Developer, Test Manager etc.)  or define your own. Each Role is assigned with specific Permissions of your choice for each area of the Panaya application (Testing, ERP Configuration, Administration etc.).
You can then attach Roles to actual project users under User Management.

Learn how to Copy Roles & Permissions from one ERP System to another

You need to be granted the Administrator Predefined Role
Granted the permission to Manage Roles and Permission in order to view these screens for the relevant ERP system

To define Roles & Permissions

  1. Select the Setup tab and then Roles & Permissions
  2. Roles & Permissions are defined per ERP system, so select the relevant system from the drop down list



Predefined Roles
You can select from the predefined roles listed here. Each predefined Role already has its permissions assigned to it.
To learn more about each predefined role, select it from the drop down list to display a short explanation.

Migrated Roles such as Standard Users, Mass Edit, Upload Code will not appear here and cannot be altered. 
Click here to learn more

Modifying Permissions for Predefined Roles
Once a predefined role is selected you can modify its permissions by clicking on the pencil icon  next to each permission.
Select or deselect the permissions and then click to Save Changes.


You cannot modify permissions for the Administrator and Project Manager Roles. 

  • The Administrator Role has all permissions granted for a connected project only.
    The Administrator does not necessarily have access to view all projects.
  • If a user creates a Project, he will be automatically assigned with the Project Manager Role for the created project

You can also change the name of the predefined role by clicking on the pencil icon  next to its name. This is where you can also modify its description or discard it.

Create your own Custom Roles
You can also create your own customized roles with custom description and permissions

  1. Click on Create new Role
  2. Type the Role name and description (optional) and click Save role
  3. Once a predefined role is selected you can modify its permissions by clicking on the pencil icon  next to each permission.
    Select or deselect the permissions and then click to Save Changes.

To Delete a Role
Select the role you wish to delete and click on Delete role

Once you are happy with the defined Roles, go ahead and Create new Users or Assign Roles to Existing Users