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Which internet browsers are supported by Panaya?

The main Panaya application can be accessed using the following browser versions:
  • Internet Explorer version 11
  • Firefox version 16 and above
  • Chrome version 17 and above

Are you using Google Chrome?
Installation of two extension is required in order to use Google Chrome with Panaya.

  1. Install the meta4 Click-Once Extension for Google Chrome - 
    a. Download and Install the Meta4 Click-Once Enabler EXE version or RAR version
    b. From within Google Chrome, add the Meta4 Click-Once extension to your Google Chrome 
  2. Install the Panaya Web Recorder Launcher Extension - 
    a. From within Google Chrome, add the Panaya Recorder for Web Applications extension to your Google Chrome
    b. Click on the link to download and and run the PanayaWebRecorderChromeInstallation.exe file
  3. Restart Google Chrome

These two extensions are mandatory if you wish to use Panaya Testing with Google Chrome

Microsoft .NET Framework version 3.5 or higher is required for both extensions

If .NET Framework 4.5 or above is installed on the client machine, you will need to enable.NET Framework 3.5 features
Click here to learn how

Are you using Mozilla Firefox?
Download s Click-Once addon - such as Meta4 ClickOnce Launcher
A Click-Once add-on is mandatory if you wish to use Panaya Testing with Mozilla Firefox Download it here
Mozilla Firefox is not supported for capturing web application using the Browser (IE, Chrome) or Other Web (IE, Chrome) options.
Please note that when using Firefox with the FxClickOnce add-on you will need to click on the 'clickOnce Install' button every time you launch the Panaya Testing Tool.

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