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How to install the Panaya Testing Tool

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What are test cycles?

How to mass edit multiple tests and/or steps?

How to report defects?

How to Run a Test Manually?

How to mass assign steps?

How to assign a test activity?

How to manually create, edit or delete the Quick Test script?

How to report a Defect during test execution?

How to Scope?

How to create a new Test Cycle?

How to e-sign Tests?

How to import test assets into Panaya?

How to export tests?

How to sort and filter Tests?

How can I view activities that are assigned to me?

How to change the language for the Panaya Test Tool?

How can I view all defects?

What are Blocked tests?

What to consider when scoping your activities?

How to capture a manual step while recording?

How to report a defect after test is complete?

How to review the test plan?

How to Plan Test Cycles Within Panaya?

How to assign a defect?

How to assign testers for each step of the test activity?

How to copy or duplicate a Test?

What are Panaya Business Processes?

How to add a test activity?

Where is the Assign button?

How to sort and filter Defects?

What are Panaya Tests?

How to launch a cycle?

How to keep track of e-signatures for Tests?

Can I revert a single step?

How to delete a Test from Tree View?

How to customize the Tests List view?

Where can I view defect related reports?

How to add a step?

How can I view a list of specific activities?

How to add a Business Process?

How to copy a Test Step from one Test to another?

How to assign an activity?

Test Center Articles

How to edit a step?

What can I see under the Tests tab?

How to circumvent the risk posed by enabling third party browser extensions?

What are Panaya folders?

Can I revert back to the previous cycle stage?

How to create a new folder?

How to define a Step as Not Applicable?

What does the red wrench icon mean?

How to view the Test Trend Graph?

How to delete a step?

How to mark a cycle as completed?

How to customize the Defects List view?

Can I Share a Direct Link to a Test?

How can I search for specific test activities?

How to filter and assign defects?

How to copy or duplicate a Test Cycle?

How to delete an entire Test Cycle?

"You have chosen to open Player.application" - notification message

How to update the Transaction field of a test?