How to add an attachment or a link?

Use the Attachments tab to add documents, images, presentations and archived files. You can upload the files or paste a Link URL (both internal or external).

You can add attachments and links to -

  • Requirements
  • Tests
  • Test Steps
  • Defects
  • Corrections

The maximum attachment size is 10 MB per file.
To attach video or EXE files, archive them as ZIP and then attach to the test activity.

  1. Open a Requirement, Test, Test Step (double click on a Step), Defect or Correction
  2. Select the Attachments tab
  3. Select Add Attachment
  4. Select if you wish to upload a File or paste a Link

    For File - 

    Click on Choose File to browse and select the file, add a Description and click Add

    For Link- 
    Paste the URL
    in the Address field, define the Link Text and Description. Then click Add.