How to e-sign Tests?

Use e-signature for - 

Contact Panaya support to activate e-signature options

e-sign Test Review
For each Test you can define whether it has been reviewed or not, as well as e-sign with your username and password.

  1. Select the General tab and set the Test as reviewed.
  2. Type in your Password and click Sign


e-sign Test Runs
You can review Test Evidence and e-sign the Test Run for each Step (or Steps) with your Username and Password.

To e-sign a Step -

  1. Select the Steps tab
  2. Highlight the relevant Steps and select Sign 
  3. Type in your Password and click Sign
  4. The Sign button is disabled for signed steps

To remove the e-signature from a Step - 

  1. Double-click on a Step
  2. Select the Last Run tab and then Remove Signature

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