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How to manually write a Quick Test Script?

You can edit your pre-recorded Quick Test script, click here to learn how

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To manually compile your own script  - 

  1. Select Create first step
    If you cannot see this button, you can Delete the existing script 
  2. Select the Edit Step button or Double click on theStep Activity or Expected Results to edit

    Use the Add After button to add a Command, Manual Instruction or Comment
  3. To add a screenshot, click on the little arrow in the Activity or Expected fields
  4. To add the next Step click on the little arrow next to the Step # and select Add Step After
  5. Save Changes 

To delete the Quick Test script:

  1. Select the Script tab.
  2. Click Delete Script 
  3. Save Changes 

To delete an entire transaction:

  1. Select the Script tab.
  2. Collapse All and then select Delete to delete the transaction
  3. Save Changes 


You cannot delete the single remaining step in a step group

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