How to analyze risk for impacted Salesforce components?

This article will take you through the process of analyzing SFDC components, reviewing the Panaya Analysis and taking action by creating or associating development and test activities.

In this article - 

Define Scope

Define the scope of your analysis -

  1. From within a Project, select the Development tab
  2. Select the Requirement from the list
    You can use the Type filter, to display Level 1 entities only - typically Requirements or Features
  3. Select the Risk Analysis tab.
    In the Scope section, click on Add Scope Item.
  4. Use the drop down list to select the Item Type.
  5. Begin typing the item name and select it from the displayed drop down list. Do the same for all items you wish to include in the analysis.
    To remove an item, highlight the item in the list and select Remove.
  6. Panaya immediately displays the Scope Impact Summary with all direct and indirect impact associated with the scoped items


Review Analysis

View Analysis per Item

  1. Highlight any of the scoped items in the list and click on Analyze
  2. You can view the analysis in List or Graph view

    List View
    Panaya displays a list of all impacted components as well as the details listed below
    Use the Export button to export the list in Excel format

    API Name
    Type (Report, Dashboard etc.)
    Impact (Direct, Indirect)
    Origin (Standard, Custom, 3rd Party)
    Last Used
    Last Modified (Date)
    Last Modified By (User)

    View Source Code
    For applicable component types, click the View Source Code button to view the source code.
    Panaya will highlight areas of impact in the code.

    View in Salesforce
    Use this button for easy access to view the component in SFDC


    Use the Reviewed toggle button to mark any Impacted Component as Reviewed or Not Reviewed

    Add to Changes
    Use the Add to Changes button to add the Impacted Component to your list of Changes
    Any components added to Changes will appear with asign for the In Changes Column

    Comments - You can add or view any existing comments related to the impacted component

    Graph View
    This view displays a visual representation of the Impacted Components (Direct and Indirect Impact)

Changes List

Select the Changes section to view the list of Changes

Use this list to link to an existing Task or generate a new Task (Level 3) for one or more Changes. 

To add a component to the list, click on Add Changes

Review and Define Test Plan
Select the Testing Impact section to view the list of all impacted Entry Points.

For each Entry Point, you can - 

  • Generate Tests for a single or multiple Entry Points, by highlighting the Entry Point(s) and selecting Generate Test.
    Use Ctrl-click to select multiple Entry Points.

  • Link existing tests for a single or multiple Entry Points, by highlighting the Entry Point(s) and selecting Link Test. Any linked tests will appear as Covering Tests.
    Use Ctrl-click to select multiple Entry Points.

  • Highlight a single Entry Point and then select Suggested Tests to Review relevant Tests and decide whether you wish to include them in your Test Plan. Any tests added will appear as Covering Tests.
    To add Suggested Tests to the test plan for this Requirement, highlight the Suggested Test and select Add Selected to Test Plan.
    What are Suggested Tests