Panaya Release Notes

February 2019 Release 


  • New Navigation
    We are excited to introduce Panaya's new navigation for 2019. Our team has worked hard to provide a greatly improved, more intuitive navigation for all types of users.
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  • Switch Account Button
    System Integrators and large enterprise users connected to multiple accounts can now switch from one account to another with ease. 
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Impact Analysis

  • for SAP

    • Impact Risk Export Options
      Export your Code Changes
      and a comprehensive Risk Analysis Report for your Features / Requirements, including associated transports and data, entry points, impact risk and test activities. Use the new export option from the Code Changes and Risk Summary sections.
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    • Suggested Tests Improvements
      We made it easier to link one or more Suggested Tests for your impacted entry points

    • Improved Automatic Code Review Issue Coverage
      Use the new Custom Code Extractor to upload a new extraction and enjoy enhanced coverage. Scoped out Code Quality Issues are now excluded from your Code Quality Score.


  • for Oracle EBS

    • Release Dynamix for Oracle 
      Risk Analysis for Oracle Objects Customization and Patches
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  • for Salesforce

    • Quick Features
      Analyze risk faster than ever with Quick Features.
      Use Quick Features to automatically create a new Feature with associated User Story and a Test so you can immediately begin analyzing impact and risk.

    • Guide Me
      Use the new Guide Me button for step by step guidance on how to analyze impact and risk

    • Import Scoped Items 
      From package xml files

    • Export Changes as Packages
      Then deploy these changes to your organization

Test Management & Execution


  • Back to List Button
    For Defects, Tests, Corrections
  • Tosca Automated Tests
    Conditional statements and loops in Test Cases are now supported




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