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Panaya Release Notes

June 2018 Release

GDPR Regulatory Compliance
Panaya takes data protection, data security, and regulatory compliance very seriously. We are already SOC 2-compliant, and we currently rely on Amazon’s GDPR-compliant infrastructure through the hosting services we provide through Amazon Web Services (AWS). 
  • Tag personal information in tests and defects for easy targeted deletion
  • New user consent for using browser Cookies 
  • Manage your Cookies Policy (check if this is included)

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Collaborative Custom Views
Share your custom filtered lists and reports with other users 

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Adjust Column Width in List View
Users can now change the column width for all lists - Tests, Defects, Development and Corrections 


Test Dynamix
  • Improved Script Authoring
    Compile your own scripts quicker with the new add manual instruction option directly from the Steps tab

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  • Reopen Date in Defects
    The Reopened On field has been added to the Defect Detection section

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  • Better Defect Visibility for Tests
    A new Defects tab has been added to Tests and Quick Tests

Release Dynamix
  • Release Standalone Defects
    The Risk Cockpit now includes all Defects, including Defects that are not associated with a Requirement / Feature
  • Development Module - Email Notifications Enhancement
    Improved design and wording for email notifications for all Development related communication
  • Development Module - Mass Deletion
    The Delete button in the Development list view now allows mass deletion of all types of development activities.
  • Traceability Matrix Report
    Filter the report by Release

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  • Notify Testers of updated Impact
    When adding new change requests for analysis, you will be given the option to notify the testing owner of any previously tested activities, containing impacted entry points. The testing owner can then consider re-testing these activities. 

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  • Mass Edit and Assignment Validation
    To prevent mass changes to the entire Development / Tests / Defects list, the mass edit and mass assign options have been improved to prevent any data loss. We also added a validation pop-up message to confirm changes.

Release Dynamix for Salesforce
  • Assess Impact for single impacted component
    In addition to the ability to view all impact and dependencies that have been scoped in, you can now analyze each impacted component separately with the new Assess Impact button

  • Task Visibility in Changes
    Task list displayed for components in the Changes list

  • 3rd Party Packages Analysis Support


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