Sap Oracle

How to sort, filter & group Corrections?

You can sort and filter Correction activities while viewing them in List view.
You can then save your personal Custom View to be used across projects.

  1. Click the Corrections tab 
  2. Select List view
  3. Follow the instructions below to group filter and sort the information displayed

To group columns, drag a column header and drop it in the area above the table.
Panaya will display the count number for each group of Corrections.

Panaya will only group Corrections that appear on the current displayed page


  1. Click on the the Filters button to select which filters to display
  2. Then use the selected filter to multi-select values

    For numeric values, determine the range

    For longer, more varied string values, begin typing the string value to display all containing values


A few Tips

To sort by a specific column, click on the column header. For example, this is how you can filter by activity ID:

Did you know?
You can save your personal Custom View