How does Panaya determine complexity and priority?

Regardless of the type of project you are involved in, Panaya provides an extensive amount of information about the various tasks related to a specific problem or issue that need to be addressed. This information can be used to understand, manage and eventually fix the problem. Depending on the type of project, the Task Priority and its corresponding Complexity are determined based on the specific task type. This article describes, per task type, the meaning of the different priority and complexity levels.

Priority and complexity for Code Corrections

Priority and complexity for Authorization Adjustments

Priority and complexity for Functional Corrections

Priority and complexity for Modification SPDD/SPAU

Priority and complexity for HANA Migration Activities

Priority and complexity for Code Quality Projects

Priority and complexity for Back to Standard Projects

Priority for Testing

Priority for Oracle Upgrade, Chart of Accounts, Custom Analysis, Online Patches, Oracle Patches