What is a Correction Influenced Cycle?

If you are working on an Impact Analysis project, you can set any Functional Testing Cycles to be influenced by the associated Correction activities. This means that Tests and Quick Tests within that Cycle, will only be Ready to Test, if the associated Correction activities have been completed and marked as Closed or Out of Scope.
Test Steps will be associated with the relevant Code Corrections according to the object defined within the Transaction field. You can view all associated Corrections for any Test by selecting the Impact Analysis tab.

Good to Know!
The Recommended Unit Test Cycle generated by Panaya, is set to be Correction influenced by default

To set a Cycle as Influenced by Code Corrections - 

  1. Select the Tests tab and then Tree view
  2. Highlight any Cycle to display the General tab
  3. For Correction Influence, select one of the following options - 
  • No Influence
    The associated Correction activities will not affect tests readiness
  • Block Steps Only (default)
    If there is at least one Correction activity in New or Open Status, the associated Steps will no be Ready to Test
  • Block Entire Test
    If there is at least one Correction activity in New or Open Status for any Step in the Test, all Steps will not be Ready to Test