How to read Panaya's Code Comparison?

To view the Code Comparison

  1. Select the Corrections tab
  2. Click on the activity ID. You can also double click on the activity row in the List view
  3. Click on the Object to view the Code Comparison.

Panaya displays three tabs allowing a clear comparison for Clones.

Clone - This is the cloned program with any additional customization
Current - This is the Vanilla Code of the current system (before the upgrade)
New - This is the Vanilla Code of the target version (the version you wish to upgrade to)

Why is my program code different than it is displayed in Panaya?

If the code extraction tool was executed on a non-upgraded system, Panaya displays the Vanilla Code from a sample system (similar to your target version system). This is usually the case when extracting your Custom Code for the first time.
Since this is a sample system provided by Panaya and does not include your own modification, differences may appear in the Code Comparison View for the Vanilla Code.

The Vanilla Code will be retrieved from your upgraded system once you extract the Custom Code from an upgraded system. 

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