How to set a Cycle as Regulated?

Panaya supports regulatory compliance organizations in streamlining and digitizing manual testing processes.

You can set a Cycle to Regulated mode so that only Reviewed Tests will be available for execution.

For a Regulated Cycle, users will not be able to run Steps (Run & Document, Manual Run) or Report Defects, until the Test is marked as Reviewed and signed with a username and password (e-signature).

  1. From within a Project, hover over the Tests tab and select Test Tree
  2. Highlight any Cycle or Create a new one
  3. Select the General tab and set the Cycle to Regulated mode

  4. To confirm the change, click on Switch

Switching Regulated back to No will remove signatures from Tests and Test runs.

To set Cycles to Regulated mode by default, or if you cannot view this option, please contact Panaya Support