Step by Step Project Management with Panaya

The following article will take you step by step through the process of managing a project with Panaya, introducing you to both the methodology and functionality that is incorporated within the system from the perspective of a Project Manager.
Your entire project can be summarized in 8 essential steps:
1. Create a Project
The first thing to do is to create your CloudQuality Project.
Select the type of project with one click. 
2. Setup the Code Extract User
Define a user who will be responsible for the code extraction process.
You will need to grant the this user with the “upload code” permission
so that your system’s code can be extracted and uploaded.
3. Upload your Custom Code
This is done using the CloudQuality CODE BOX
While you are waiting for Panaya to analyze your custom code, you can perform steps 4 & 5.
If you are running a Patch Analysis project, upload your Patches extract before moving on to the next step
4. Import Your Test Assets
You can import your existing Word, Excel or PDF based testing scenarios using Panaya’s Test Box.
The test activities will be ready for you within 48 hours.
5. Setup All Users
Now would be a good time to setup your users.
You can import them from an Excel file or add them quickly and easily one by one.
You need to consider developers, testers and others who are going to be involved in this project. 

6. Plan Your Project
When your code extraction has been analyzed,  you can begin the most interesting part - Planning.
It is easy to scope and assign the projects activities. If you are wondering what to consider when scoping, click here
Once you review your test plan and cover all aspects of your project, move on to the next step.
7. Launch the Project
Congratulations. You can now launch the project.
Once launched, all user will receive personal notifications to begin working on their activities.
Now sit back, relax. and...
8. Monitor in Real Time
This is the part where you can really enjoy all the benefits of Panaya.
Panaya allows you to monitor all the project's activities in real time.
Testing, Corrections and Defect monitoring has never been easier.